January 31, 2013

So How is Emerald Working Out for You?

Is Emerald a good color to incorporate into your home? 
Like any color you introduce into your home, it should be a color that you love. There will be tons of people that simple do not like Emerald at all yet there will be tons of people who will. 

Look how beautiful this color combination is? It’s all about what you do with color and how you use it in your home. Now for someone (me) who doesn’t really like Emerald, I really like this Peacock color palette.  There are so many other ways to make Emerald look fantastic but I think people just need to open their mind to other colors and ways to make Emerald work in a home. Just play with color combinations until you find one that will work. It’s just color! Have fun, explore and just give it a chance.

Do you like Emerald?