December 3, 2012

From The Mailbox

I get many emails every day about color and design. This one came in and I had to share it with you. Enjoy -

Hi Donna,

I have read your article about the "Dreaded Orange Kitchen" several times, because I have the medium honey oak kitchen cabinets, and to be honest, love them.  I have updated the kitchen with stainless steel/black appliances, cream colored back splash/wall tile, dark Caledonia granite counter tops, and a wall color in Diverse Beige by Sherwin Williams, which is a grey/beige.   

I still love it.  My question is, do you think most people will just see the "dreaded orange kitchen"? 

PS)  I don't know when solid oak became a bad thing, but I hope it makes a comeback soon!


I'm glad you love my post on the Dreaded Orange Kitchen enough to read it over and over. It really is a concern for some homes but with the right color and decor, it can and does look beautiful.

The same goes for your honey oak cabinets. If you love them - good for you! Your color choices sound nice. Diverse Beige is one of Sherwin Williams stand-by colors that people use a lot and it probably looks really pretty with your stainless appliances.

As far love your honey oak cabinets? Who cares! As long as YOU love it than that's all that matters. You've given your kitchen a slight update with color and appliances which is fine. Did you see one of my last posts on Peach? Talk about a color that people are afraid of - but don't use it in the orange kitchen :-)