May 15, 2012

What color should I paint my ceiling?

Donna Frasca, 
I was wondering what white should ceilings be painted.  Should they be extra white or just a more toned version of white?  Could you share a paint color with me that you would most recommend to paint ceilings?  Please suggest the brand and color.
JC, Waxhaw 


There's more to choosing a ceiling color than just “picking a white”. Maybe it shouldn't be white at all. Let's talk about options.

Basic Ceiling White: If you absolutely, possatutley HAVE to have a white ceiling, just get Ceiling White in the paint brand of your choice. This one is a Valspar product and it's only $23.98 a gallon which is a good buy. Save your dollars for a high quality wall paint instead of investing top dollar in a ceiling paint.

Need to do a whole house? It may be easier and more economical to purchase a 5 gallon container.

WARNING:  Do not buy the ceiling paint that changes color as it dries. If for some reason the humidity should change in the room, if it's in the bathroom for example, the ceiling paint has been known to turn back to pink. This also goes for caulking or any product that is pink when wet then turns white when dries. Sounds fun but … just no.

ANOTHER TIP: As tempting as it is to use a cheap flat, white paint for $11.00 and use it as ceiling paint, please don't! Ceiling paint is formulated to be used to paint on the ceiling so it's splatter resistant.

Ceilings should NOT be extra white.

Well of course they can if you want them to be but the reason I personally don't suggest extra white is because of the color.

Did you ever see snow that was so white it looked blue? Enough said. Unless you want or need to have a blueish tint to your ceiling, I would avoid extra white ceiling color. Use soft white or just white. That's really all you need … unless … you want a really cool color for your ceiling but I'll talk about that in another post.

So white it's blue!