February 8, 2012

What Color Should I Paint My Exercise Room?

Choosing color for an exercise room believe it or not is very important. Too much color and you'll be over stimulated and burn out, too little and you won't be motivated to move. So what color should you choose for your exercise room? Both.

Here you have a very typical room in the home that was converted into work out room. There's a nice size window for light and mirror to “check yourself out” and ample room to bounce around. But where's the color?

Like I said, you can use both a bright and dark color for your exercise room. I'd use that great green color as the main wall color. It's bright and energetic and would make me feel good. It's a happy color which is good for this room.

I would put the darker blue on the ceiling. I know the ceiling is fairly low here and putting a dark color here will bring it down further but think about the design in this room. You have enough light, a bright wall color and a mirror that will reflect both. You need a darker color to keep the brightness down just a bit. Plus, it's an awesome color and when you put and awesome color in an unexpected place - it works.

Like these colors? Believe it or not they are from the Kids Room Paint Collection that you can find at Target. Just because a paint company labels their line of paint for “kids” doesn't mean it has to be JUST for the kids room.

Benjamin Moore “ben” colors


If you need help, contact me to set up color consultation if you live in South Charlotte.