February 6, 2012

Paint Colors: It's a Behr!


Which paint brand should I use?

When I meet with a client, I literally have to ask at least 20 questions about paint color and what type of look they want for their home before I even choose a paint company. For instance, here's just a few questions I'd ask to quality my clients:

  1. Do you want Sherwin Williams? Behr? Benjamin Moore?
  2. What paint color do you prefer?
  3. Will you be moving within the next few years?
  4. Are you renting?
  5. Do you have allergies?
  6. Is anyone in the home expecting?
  7. Do you have specific paint ideas?
  8. Do you know how to paint?
  9. Will you need someone to paint for you?

You would't think that there was so much involved in choosing a paint brand but there really is. Just to break it down a bit, Behr, has a beautiful array of color choices. I actually have my home painted in Behr paint because the colors are vibrant, bright and clean. What? I know that sounds odd but that was yet another deciding factor - how bright the colors are and if you like that look and feel in your home.

I lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years and the weather was not so desirable there. It was gray most of the time, cold and sun was a rarity. So to compensate this, I chose a very warm color, Gold Buff.

Gold Buff
Choosing a warm color, or a color that has a lot of yellow in it, reflects back into the room giving it  - well - a warm cozy feeling. That's exactly what I wanted in my living room. Did I mention that I also had a teal sofa that was a “Behr” to coordinate wall color with?

My living room, Pittsburgh, PA

If the colors weren't good enough, you can't beat the names Behr has - Spiced Butternut, Florida Mango -  which actually fits in well with my Color Recipes. Sometimes I just flip though the deck reading the names. Who doesn't do that right? Sometimes the name of the color and the color itself is nailed to the T but some are a bit out there like Cupid Arrow. How does anyone know what color Cupids' arrow is? I guess you try coming up with names for a few thousand paint colors and you'll see how creative you can be :-)

All joking aside, as you well know each paint company has very specific colors. Some paint companies have brighter hues, some more muted and some with delicious names. That just makes it a bear to figure out which paint brand to use let a lone having to choose a few colors for your home.

This is what I do for a living. If you would like me to choose the right paint company and the right colors for your home, let me know! No need to get stressed or make poor decisions when you have Professionals to help you! Contact me at the email shown at the right on this blog and we can talk color. I'll be waiting!