January 4, 2012

What Color Should I Paint My Man Cave?

It's right around the corner - Super Bowl Sunday and you know what that means - MAN CAVES and sports of course.

I've done several posts before on various Man Caves and the colors you can possibly paint them but today, I want to get into a little more detail about how you can get the ultimate Man Cave colors.

As you well know there are man caves …
and then there are THE ULTIMATE MAN CAVES! But, being realistic, this type of cave is not the norm (sorry) so lets talk about how we can change any room in the house into a place for the men to hang out and watch the games (sorry ladies).

Now here are a few colors that would possibly work for Man Cave colors. Now of course this will depend on your lighting and furniture of course but these certainly are some possibilities. 

The Traditional Cave
Warm wall color with sufficient depth for just the right about of “caveness” - not too light not too dark. These colors will go with most wood flooring but in the man cave you will want carpet for your acoustical pleasure.

The Contemporary Cave
Perhaps a penthouse cave or if you enjoy sleek and simple colors. Let the games bring on all the excitement in this room. This wall color is also a good choice if you don't really have that much room or if your room should open up to another part of the home - it's user friendly color!

The English Pub Cave
These colors would probably be my choice if I had a cave of my own. I love the dark green wall and the camel leather furniture. I would add brass accents and amber pendant lights where needed. That's just me!

The Modern Cave
Striking wall color with white furniture - not the easiest to keep clean but talk about contrast!

So no matter what type of cave you have, a large room with all the bells and whistles or a little bonus room tucked away from the rest of the house, make it you own!!! Choose a great color for it, comfortable furniture you love and enjoy your sports!

If you need help choosing your 
man cave colors, please let me know 
… before Superbowl Sunday!

If you like any of these colors, you can pick 
them up at your 
local Benjamin Moore store.