January 24, 2012

What Color Should I Paint My Closet?

Closets By Design

The closet is actually a very important “room” or space in the home. It really can make or break a home sale if there's insufficient closet space. So, taking it one step further, when designing your closet, also keep color in mind.

For the most part when I'm at a color consultation I always ask my client if they'd like to paint their closet. The majority of the time it's a no because after all, “why do I need color in my closet” anyway?

There are several reason why you'd want to paint your closet:

1. It's probably still the contractors beige or white.
2. It's probably a flat or matte sheen which gets dirty very easily.
3. It looks unfinished.
4. It's hard to keep clean.
5. Painting is a minor detail that will have a high impact if you have to sell your home.
6. It will look better.

Reasons you aren't painting your closet:

1. I don't know what color to choose for my closet.
2. I'd have to take all the shelves out or paint around them.
3. It's a HUGE project.
4. No one will look inside my closet.
5. It's just a closet.

The best time to paint your closet of course is when you first move into your home and it's still empty. You'll more than likely have some type of wire shelving to paint around but it will definitely be worth it.

Now to the question - What Color  Should I Paint My Closet?

When I'm designing a color scheme for a home, 9/10 I have a fairly neutral color in the foyer and hallways.

Benjamin Moore Whites
Most of the time I take the foyer/hallway color and also put it in the laundry room and the closets. 

DESIGN TIP: Keep the color in your closet subtle and neutral. There really is no need to put substantial color in this room. Here's why.

Neutral Closet

This graphic represents a neutral closet. The background is an off white or beige and the rectangles are your clothes. We all have just about every color from lights to darks in our closets so having the background a neutral will visually make the closet more appealing and easier to see. It's really a small detail that will make a large impact in your closet.

Now this closet was painted the same coastal blue that's been trending for quite some time. So many people have this color in their bedroom and have taken it into their closet but look what happens. It's very unsettling to see all this color in a closet. The color of your clothes fight with the blue and it just becomes a mess. It's like painting every room in your home a different and unrelated color. It doesn't make sense and it's just ugly! By the way - the color of the “clothes” are the same in both these graphics but see how different they look?

So my friends, whether you have a very large walk in closet or a very small closet, take the time out to finish it. Just paint it neutral, perhaps a creamy beige, and it'll look great as a background color for your wardrobe.

Here are some darker neutrals if you have a really large closet and just want to cozy it up a bit. Make sure you have good lighting in here to!

If you need additional help 
choosing color for your closet, contact me, I'd love to help!