January 10, 2012

How to Choose Color for a Bathroom

Is blue too obvious for a bathroom color? No, not really. We associate blue with water and relaxing in the tub which is something we all want to do at he end of the day. Consider all colors before choosing the obvious.

There are other factors that will guide you to choosing the right color for your bathroom. Tile for example. Look at the colors that are in your tile. Do you see a lot of yellows? Does your tile look more gray? Sometimes all you have to do is just pick one color that matches your tile to tie in the look of your bathroom. It's that easy!

Foggy Morning by Benjamin Moore

This poor bathroom was forced into green whether it liked it or not. It seems the homeowner said “I want a green bathroom” snapped her fingers and got her green bathroom. But just because you want a green bathroom doesn't' mean you should have one.

I added a color that I thought would make this bathroom shine. I looked at the overall color of the tile, cabinets and hardware before choosing this pink gray. This bathroom went to a palm tree fiasco to a light, classy spa you can relax in - like the soothing colors of a foggy morning sky.

After you've chosen your color, you can add more accents with accessories such as towels and shower curtains.

Use a paint designed specifically for bathrooms because they contain mildew resist properties and makes clean up snap. Stay away from flat paint because it will streak after the room fills with humidity.

Enjoy your color and your bathroom retreat! 

If you need help choosing a color for your
 bathroom, email me at DecoratingbyDonna@mac.com