June 27, 2011

If this were my room I would . . .

Sherwin Williams

Of course start with fabulous color! The only problem is the colors I like depends on which way the wind blows - really - I can't decide on one particular color scheme because I love so many. Just this morning I was asking my husband if we can paint our home again (it's been 4 years now since we painted last). He remarked with a 3400 sq. feet of NO!

Oh well, I'll just have to live through my blogs and pretend. So, having said that, if this were my bedroom, I'd design it this way. The color is already picked, now the bedding.

Do you know why this is a great choice for bedding in the Master Bedroom? Look at the wall color I chose - a little pink right? Well if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you may remember a post about color for the master - girlie enough for her but manly enough for him? Well here's where the “ manly” comes in if you feel the pinkish color is too feminine. Bedding is a great place to add some masculinity to a room. Love this!

Can't have great bedding without a great bed. I currently have a sleigh bed and that would have to be a must to keep. Can't you just see yourself curling up in this bed? Trust me, it's heaven! If you don't already have one - this is definitely on the Bucket List of must have's.
Some art work to tie in the look.

I'd have a few Audubon prints in the rooms since I'm an avid birdwatcher.

These most fragrant candles ever! Orange Vanilla is my scent of choice. These were a great find when I stayed at the Golden Pineapple on Long Island a few years back.

And overstuffed, leather chair.

Almost forgot …

Solid, hand scraped Chestnut wood floors from BR11.

Can you picture it?