April 1, 2011

Coordinating Color with Floor & Wall Tile

As a Color Specialist in Charlotte, I've talked about color in many applications. Kitchen color, bedroom color, exterior color, deck stain, awning fabrics and even what color mulch to choose. But what if you need color for your home to compliment stone or tile you've just picked out? You've invested time and money into this home improvement project and choosing the wrong color can really throw off your entire design. 

Based on the color palettes that I've already chosen here in the South Charlotte area, I know what hues would pair nicely with popular granite and tile that most of the homeowners already have in their home.

The most compatible paint brand to use with these natural stones, that I use, are the color palettes of Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. So I'll be choosing colors from these paint brands to match up with some possible stone and tile choices you may have. 

The Classic fan deck of Benjamin Moore is extremely popular

Sherwin Williams paint is the #1 paint brand that my clients ask for.
So many amazing colors to choose from!
Which one will be right for you?

Keep in mind that the best way for color to be chosen for your home is for a Color Specialist to be IN your home to consider other factors such as lighting, decor, wood stains and the look and feel that you want to achieve for your home. However, based on just tile alone, here are some classic color combinations that may work for you.

Let me show you some of the color possibilities featuring the beautiful tile of Charles Luck Stone Center.

These two muted greens of Sherwin Williams are soft and add the right touch of color with the neutral shades of this Carmel Heights tile.

You can count on the complementary colors of these Sherwin Williams choices to bring out the beauty of the Devon Way tile. Adding a pop of color to your wall will really make the soft blues in the tile stand out.

Doesn't this look like a spa retreat? It should! I've used this color duo dozens of times for my clients who wanted the spa feel for their Master Bathroom. Soft and soothing colors that look like beach glass from Sherwin Williams with the very delicate Bianco Delicato Honed tile.

Like blue?  I highly recommend these two blues from the Benjamin Moore collection. They are classy and cool and really make any tile with an “orange” tone pop. This Struttura Oro wall veneer can really stand alone in any room since it's impressive all on it's own.