February 8, 2011

Color Advice for Foyers

“I have a two story foyer and don't know what color to choose or how to paint it”. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard a client say this. I'm talking specifically about the homes here is South Charlotte that have open floor plans.

My client in Marvin, NC • The Chimney's

In this particular home, the foyer can be seen from the front door all the way up to the second floor. In most cases, foyers are best kept a beige or neutral color since the surrounding rooms will be part of a defined color scheme. 

If the foyer were to be a substantial color as well, than the other rooms wouldn't be highlighted, or stand out as much. I always say you can't have light without dark. You can't have black without white. So in the case of color choice for your foyer, you can't have color without a neutral to compare it too. Another reason a foyer looks best neutral.

Let me show you the difference. The color on the left is representing the foyer color and the color on the right could be any surrounding room such as a dinning or living room.

See how both colors share the same undertones?

This is crucial when designing a color palette for your home.

See how the foyer color on the left is a bit pink and the color on the right is a warmer color that has yellow undertones?

Now you may see this particular color combination in fabric (like in this cabbage rose pillow) or wallpaper since pink and greens are often paired together which is fine. However, when selection a color scheme for your home, it's best to keep the undertones the same for easy color transition from room to room.  

Now there are other neutrals that you can consider for your foyer but that depends solely on what color scheme you want for your home. Here are some other neutrals to consider other than just beige.

The top two are “safer” compared to the bottom two that have a bit more color. But all of these can be a foyer color and part of a very beautiful, soft color scheme for your home.