February 22, 2011

The Best Greens of Sherwin Williams

If you had a chance to look at my main website called “Decorating by Donna” you'll notice a link called “Color Recipes©”. What are Color Recipes? They are basically color schemes that I've designed based on food - from desserts to dinners.

When using food as color inspiration, it seems green shows up in most of the photos. From salads to veggies - it's greens. So having said that, I wanted to list some of the more popular greens that I've used for my clients here in the South Charlotte area.

Sherwin Williams is the paint brand that my clients ask for and it's the brand that seems the most “palatable ” for the exposures here in Charlotte. Below I have a few of the more popular greens that I've used in many of my color portfolios.

Schumacher Fabrics

And look at this beautiful Schumacher remnant that Simplified Bee purchased for $2. You really need to go to her blog to read the full story on how she transformed this fabric into this beautiful foot stool. If you look close you'll see the darker green that I've highlighted. Great green - I've used it to accent columns in one of my clients home.

Simplified Bee

I found this multi purpose pillow designed by Christine at Throw Pillow Decor. This pillow caught my eye because of the greens of course but look at the cute pockets it has too! Look at the book titled “In Home Decorating”. I wonder if there is a section in there about green? Anyway, great pillow and extremely popular light green.

Throw Pillow Decor

There are so  many other greens that I can list but this blog would go on and on. If you would like to see how the greens of Sherwin Williams would look in your home, contact me to schedule a color consultation. 

What are your favorite Sherwin Williams greens? I bet I've used them already :-)