April 2, 2010

How to choose a color for your awnings

With the sun glaring down on us and peering into our homes, there's nothing like the shade of an awning. Awnings are like drapery for the outside of your house. They come in different fabrics and hang over the windows. The question is, what color fabric is right for your home?

I just LOVE this fabric! It's a Seafoam linen. If you look at the house above, you'll see the shutters are blue. I could have been matchy matchy as they say and chose a blue awning fabric as well but I thought that may be a bit too ordinary. Look closely at the color of the front door - it's green and it looks great with the blue shutters. The blue of the shutter and green of the awning is the same tone so it blends with the house - one doesn't stand out more so then the other. It's a beautiful look -almost like beach glass.

Now this home has a very typical look. Here you have a brick house, black shutters and white accents - really no color. I chose to bring a bit of green into the awning. It's a pale sage green which will give the house a bit of color and co-ordinate with  the landscape. I also chose a stripe to jazz up the house a bit since it doesn't have any spectacular design or color feature. Stripes - a little bit of fun with fabric.

This house was also fun to choose fabric for. I also chose a stripe to echo the brick arch feature on the front door. It is a tall house, now with a stripe to make it look taller. I also chose a soft gray and soft black color to match what is already on the house. It seems the landscaping is a bit young and out of scale. If it had some mature trees and round bushes out front, that would counter act the verticalness of the house. I like it!