December 3, 2009

Pinks Worth A Mention

I just went shopping for a work out suit and was drawn to the brown and pink color combo. I know brown and pink have been around a while but I just love those to colors together and I'm not a big fan of pink so this was a good hit for me. Kinda cute . . .

Here are some names of pinks I think are worth mentioning.
Gracious Rose -
Mellow Coral
Rosy Outlook

Pink Ice
Dress Pink
Pretty in Pink
Rosy Glow
Soft Pink

Benjamin Moore
Pink Harmony -
Fond Memory
Fruit Shake
Cool Lava
Heather Pink
April Pink
Fairest Pink
Pleasant Pink
Desert Rose
Playful Pink

I think that Benjamin Moore has the best selection of Pinks. On their Classic paint deck I would have to say it's a amazing array of “pinks / mauves” from 2105-70 - 2088-10