October 26, 2014

Are We Taking The Orange Out Of Halloween?

When we think of certain Holidays, certain colors come to mind right? Well orange is the one color that comes to mind when I think of Halloween but lately other colors, or lack there of have been creeping in. What do you think of this  trend? 



October 23, 2014

Should Color Palettes Go Back to Basics?

Yes, yes and yes! I feel we need to gravitate toward they earthy colors to start grounding us and bringing us closer to Nature. Doing so will start to bring balance in our lives. When we side with Earth the craziness and clutter in our lives has a chance to unravel. "Unnatural" hues in the home sometimes adds to chaos and stress.

Now don't think that natural means the ugly hues of the 70's - bland and boring. You can have a natural color palette with a little kick of color without going crazy. 

There are some colors that need to go on vacation and some we need to bring back such as this color palette. You can mix and match this color palette to your hearts content:

  • Green + Orange
  • Green + Cream
  • Green + Brown
  • Brown + orange
  • Brown + Cream
  • Cream + Brown
  • Brown + Cream

… and there are more combos. See how just four colors can color most of your home? Mix and match and vary the shade and tones of these hues. Not only will it look good in your home but it will feel good as well.

See the colors I have in this palette? Now look at this beautiful room by CR Laine. The wall color is a green but softened just a bit, very soothing. The orange is darkened which teeters almost to a orange red which is gorgeous. Cream accents lighten and brighten and the brown would be a great choice for flooring or furniture. This room is flipping perfect!

Open your mind to earthy colors and get creative. I can guarantee that they will feel good in your home.

CR Laine Furniture

October 10, 2014

How To Make Pinky-Beige Work in Your Home

We've all heard the horror stories about pinky-beige right? It's really a tough hue to work with in the home because it seems most of our decor and undertones are opposite of what works well with pinky-beige and that's why it doesn't work.

September 30, 2014

What Color Should I Choose for My Sofa?

Oh the possibilities are endless! Should you go neutral and be safe and fairly boring or go for a color? I know buying a sofa is a big investment and one that will last for years to come so choose wisely. Should we choose safe or go for something fun and exciting like I have here in this photo?

September 18, 2014

Colors That Will Make Your Home Cozy

I don't know about you but I can't wait for the Fall to kick in. I just love this time of year because it's cooler and just so darn colorful - two great hits in my book!

Can't you just see it? Let's see - 

  • I'd put the red in the kitchen
  • The gold in the family room
  • Orange in the dining room
  • Brown goes in the office
  • and the last two colors are great for the power room

Can you picture it? I sure can! Let me know if you want these colors in your home, just in time for Fall.

September 1, 2014

Today's Question. Should I Have An Accent Wall In My Home?

I love using accents walls but I personally think they have more power if they are an a specific architectural feature such as an arch or column. 

I'm not a big fan a accenting a wall because it breaks up the space and makes the room look smaller or dated. Now decorative applications such as these horizontal stripes are nice for large rooms as seen in this bonus room. Both accent walls and features are of course perfect for the kids rooms.

Photo credit: Donna Frasca