September 1, 2014

Today's Question. Should I Have An Accent Wall In My Home?

I love using accents walls but I personally think they have more power if they are an a specific architectural feature such as an arch or column. 

I'm not a big fan a accenting a wall because it breaks up the space and makes the room look smaller or dated. Now decorative applications such as these horizontal stripes are nice for large rooms as seen in this bonus room. Both accent walls and features are of course perfect for the kids rooms.

Photo credit: Donna Frasca

August 25, 2014

What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

Would it be to obvious if I said “Any color you want!” Well, that's basically what I'm going to say.

Let me clarify here, I'm just talking about the guest bathroom or that really small power room in the house that no one knows what color to put in in because it's so darn small.

For the most part, these bathrooms are really very basic. They have a sink, a commode and maybe a small generic vanity. Also, if you live in the homes here in South Charlotte, your McMansion will have that basic beige 12x12 floor tile. Nothing fancy or exciting going on in these loos.

However, if you have a custom home and your power room is a little more detailed than obviously a little more thought needs to go into it.

The other day, I ready a post from one of my blogger friends and she chose a really cool color for her bathroom but I noticed her tile was pinky beige. Oh and the color she chose was similar to this:

The color was pretty cool but it really didn't go with her tile. It's really a no-no to mix any yellow undertone with pinky beige - it just looks weird!!

Here are some thought on color choices if you have that pinky beige tile in your bathroom and really have no idea which color to use.

Are any of these color amazing by themselves? No, not really but your choices are limited when you have that type of tile.

Which color would you choose? Safe? Soft? Bold? Well that depends on the decor and color palette of the rest of your home but for the most part, you can any of these colors.

In their own way, all the color are passable with this tile and again, keep in mind you're working with ugly tile so you can really have a fantastic color otherwise your ugly tile will really stick out. So try to work with it just a little and choose a color that will both make you happy and perhaps keep that tile a little quite. 


Which one would you choose?

August 12, 2014

Choosing Color for A Bungalow in Midwood Plaza in Charlotte

Love Bungalows? Look in the Midwood Plaza area of Charlotte and you'll see plenty!

If you're from Charlotte than you are very family with the Midwood Plaza area of town, you know, it's right by Midwood Smokehosue which is amazing and will certainly give Mac's Speed Shop a run for their money. Both great places to eat.

I'm not writing about food here today but would like to talk about the homes that you'll see when you're in the area of Midwood Plaza.

August 11, 2014

What Room Color Will Go With My Crazy Pillow?

So you were told to use an inspiration piece to start a color palette for your home right? That's fine but what if you chose a really crazy pillow with ton of colors in it? Which color should you choose?

August 1, 2014

Looking Forward To Going 100% Virtual

We all have a business plan or at least we should. What's my plan? To be 100% virtual in three years.

July 22, 2014

Do We Still Love Purple?

I remember not long a ago everywhere I clicked, looked and turned it was purple. Purple clothes, decor, fabric, rugs and of course paint. With blue and gray, you know, the coastal color mix, going berserk right now, do we still love purple? Where did it go?

From BHG