December 12, 2014

Confused about color trends?

I don't blame you! When you think about it, why should we follow color trends at all? Just because they're out there doesn't mean we have to have them in our home right? Right.

Well welcome to the way we should be choosing color for our home! In 2015 I'll be coming in hot and heavy about color - like I always do but the difference is I'll be talking about very specific color schemes.

I won't be talking about the latest and greatest blue and gray trend that you'll see in every home in your town I'll be talking about colors that YOU like and colors that resonate with the way YOU feel. Is this going to be tricky? Yes, a little but I'm up for the challenge.

For example, instead of running with the ever so popular coastal color scheme and saying “oh it's just so beautiful” how about we come up with a color scheme that actually MEANS something to you? We know the coastal color scheme is beautiful. I'm not saying it's not I'm just saying let's start some new color combos and call them beautiful.

Here is a picture of my baby girl, 18 years ago mind you, that I just love. I love her peachy face, her cute jumper and it forever held such a great memory for me because I just LOVE this picture! So let's think about something a little crazy here, if we love a picture or memory that much, why don't we get THESE colors in our home? Look how pretty this looks!

What I really love about this color scheme is that's it unique. Here you have a silvery pink and a silvery blue-gray. Fabulous wall color there my friends! 

What about the green? Great choice for the small bathroom, carpeting, painted bookcases, ceiling color, accent wall, or just perfect for a cozy bedroom. 

Combine all three and you'll have one unique color palette in your home. If these colors were in my home, I'd think of my baby girl every time and in my book, that's a darn good memory and a feeling I'd like to capture in my home.

See how this works?

December 8, 2014

Did Choosing a Wrong Color Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

It happens! Sometimes we have a color set in our mind and think it will look perfect in our home only for find out it was not the right choice. We're left with a yucky taste in our mouth and a scary color on the wall. What do we do?

December 1, 2014

How to Choose Color for Your Home When You Have a lot of Nooks and Crannies

Well that was a long title! So to start, what are nooks and crannies? It's basically a home that has an open floor plan but is broken up by angles, furniture, doorways hallways, poorly hung lighting fixtures and ceiling fans and just a lot of misplaced decor that clutters up a space. 

Nooks and Crannies galore!

November 24, 2014

Sherwin Williams Coral Reef. Will it be YOUR color for 2015?

I love watching the paint companies release their “Color of the Year” then watch all the Designers go nuts and promote it for them. Talk about free advertising right?

I try not to get too excited over any Color of the Year anymore because to me, it's just picking a color that wasn't picked the year before and doesn't have any rhyme or reason. 

Sherwin Williams just chose Coral Reef SW 6606 and by the way, that number has a little too many 6's in it if you ask me. It's is a pretty color but to whom?

October 26, 2014

Are We Taking The Orange Out Of Halloween?

When we think of certain Holidays, certain colors come to mind right? Well orange is the one color that comes to mind when I think of Halloween but lately other colors, or lack there of have been creeping in. What do you think of this  trend? 


October 23, 2014

Should Color Palettes Go Back to Basics?

Yes, yes and yes! I feel we need to gravitate toward they earthy colors to start grounding us and bringing us closer to Nature. Doing so will start to bring balance in our lives. When we side with Earth the craziness and clutter in our lives has a chance to unravel. "Unnatural" hues in the home sometimes adds to chaos and stress.

Now don't think that natural means the ugly hues of the 70's - bland and boring. You can have a natural color palette with a little kick of color without going crazy. 

There are some colors that need to go on vacation and some we need to bring back such as this color palette. You can mix and match this color palette to your hearts content:

  • Green + Orange
  • Green + Cream
  • Green + Brown
  • Brown + orange
  • Brown + Cream
  • Cream + Brown
  • Brown + Cream

… and there are more combos. See how just four colors can color most of your home? Mix and match and vary the shade and tones of these hues. Not only will it look good in your home but it will feel good as well.

See the colors I have in this palette? Now look at this beautiful room by CR Laine. The wall color is a green but softened just a bit, very soothing. The orange is darkened which teeters almost to a orange red which is gorgeous. Cream accents lighten and brighten and the brown would be a great choice for flooring or furniture. This room is flipping perfect!

Open your mind to earthy colors and get creative. I can guarantee that they will feel good in your home.

CR Laine Furniture

October 10, 2014

How To Make Pinky-Beige Work in Your Home

We've all heard the horror stories about pinky-beige right? It's really a tough hue to work with in the home because it seems most of our decor and undertones are opposite of what works well with pinky-beige and that's why it doesn't work.