July 22, 2014

Do We Still Love Purple?

I remember not long a ago everywhere I clicked, looked and turned it was purple. Purple clothes, decor, fabric, rugs and of course paint. With blue and gray, you know, the coastal color mix, going berserk right now, do we still love purple? Where did it go?

From BHG

July 16, 2014

Oh How Some Paint Colors Burn My Tail!!!!

I just got a phone call from someone saying that they worked with a “Designer” to choose color for their home. As I continued listening, they revealed the colors that this particular Designer used in their home. Guess what color it was? Basket Beige SW 6143 and they said this Designer also ventured out and used Softer Tan SW 6141. Oh how this burned my tail!!! This is NOT choosing color it's picking colors that will be safe for your home. No skill when a “Designer” uses dated colors. Beige? Really?

July 8, 2014

There's More To Virtual Design Than You Think

Virtual Design is the way of the future and it's more than just paint choices.

My business plan is to be 100% virtual design in 5 years and I'm at least 60% there already. But, did you know that virtual design is more than just choosing paint colors for a home? Isn't that fantastic? I think it is a great way to get Professional design advice for your home at a VERY affordable price.

July 3, 2014

Which Color Is Your True Love?

I often ask people, if you had to choose just one color for your home, not that I'd ever advise that, but if you did, which color would it be? How do you pick just one color from all the beautiful paint decks? Better yet, can you?

July 2, 2014

Look! Size Does Matter!

How many times have we heard “Size Doesn't Matter?” Well I guess that really depends on what we are talking about right?

When it comes to cupcakes, size matters. Give me the biggest cupcake you have!

June 29, 2014

28277 Is the Zip Code in Charlotte That People Love

Where's the best zip code to live in Charlotte? 28277 Ballantyne.

Ballantyne is an upscale neighborhood in the city of Charlotte and is now becoming the zip code that people want to live in. Thinking about moving to the Charlotte area? Seriously consider the Ballantyne area for the best location, housing and schools.

When you read in the papers that Ballantyne is the second most popular “move in zip code in the country” not the city but the COUNTRY than that is the place you need to be.


June 20, 2014

Colors To Consider Other Than Blue And Gray For Your Home

Sure the blue and gray color trends are beautiful and look great in just about everyone's home but when will we start to consider other colors other than just blues and grays?

I'm wondering if people will tire of the oh so soft colors of the coast, the spa feel and the barely there hues that just sit quietly in the background. How about some saturated color and give your eye a treat? Yes! Let's do this. 

Put away the blue and gray color palettes for now and start looking at other colors on the wheel. Trust me when I tell you these colors will look great in the home and really bring it to life.

There are rich reds, warm golds and oranges and even cool spearmint colors that can be great color choices for your home. 

I have some of my favorite colors here and look how nice they look with a soft white, never a pure white. Bring life into your home, bring color into your home.