May 21, 2015

Which Green Is The Best for An Accent Wall?

I say if you're talking accent walls, go big! Look at this bright one by Benjamin Moore. It's in the Color Stories Collection and literally will light up a room.

I'd use it on just one wall perhaps where your headboard is, or in room that has an irregular wall or even as simple as the backsplash area in your kitchen. 

May 14, 2015

The Best Way To Add Color To Your Home Without Commitment

Choosing color can be scary but there's a way to add color to your home that is quick, easy and very affordable.

If you have a large home, painting 3500 square feet will cost a few thousand dollars however, if you just want to refresh your home for the Summer season, try these color tips.


Color Blocking. I just love this! There is no easier way to add color to a room then just painting one wall. Stripe it, block it, or add a geometric design and have fun with color. Look how cool this looks.


Instantly uplift a room just by adding colorful curtains. They don't have to be fancy just add a color that you like and that will also coordinate with your room. Keep the Seasons in mind when choosing your palette.


Go bold. It's just pillows! Here you have a chance to choose ANY color to see how you like it. A pillow is a very small investment in your decor budget so splurge and have fun.


Area rugs. Leave behind those traditional, dated huge rectangular rugs with a mish mosh of color and go for color and style! Think about a difference shape such as this round rug from IKEA. Have dark wood flooring? This will have some really add nice pop. Have gray or blue walls? You'll need this color to snap up the room. The shape is unexpected so consider this for the entry area of your home.

Towels. This is all basic information friends but it's good to know the basics before you make huge decorating mistakes. Bring in color with towels. Have a neutral wall? Go BIG with color. Most bathrooms are usually fairly small so make the most of your space and pop it with color.


May 12, 2015

Get A Snappy Guest Room Just By Shopping At Lowe's

I'm currently updating my guest room and don't want to spend a ton of money doing it. I have two kids in college and honestly, the guest room is not that important but I do want it to look nice for when I have over night guests.
I know how expensive decorating a room can be, I've was an Interior Designer for a really long time and with drapes alone, that can set you back at least $5,000 for a room this size. Although custom drapery is amazing, it's not always necessary or feasible. I'll show you how you can get a really snappy guest room just by shopping at Lowe's.

Let's first start with color. We all know that just painting your room it will dramatically change the look but we need more than that. Color is awesome but you need just a few other elements in the room to make it just right.
I used Sparkling Sage from Lowe's for the overall wall color. It's a light minty green and really lightens and brightens the room. Just be careful with this color because not every home can pull of a light minty color. This of course happens to fit perfectly with the rest of my home colors which happen to be found in those curtains.

Since I mentioned curtains, let's move onto that next. The biggest mistake you can make when buying curtains already made is not buying enough. Skinny curtains are horrible!! Make sure you buy enough panels so your window looks full.
These floral panels are just perfect! Look how pretty they match the wall color. This is also a perfect example of how you can buy your paint color first THEN buy your decor. Many Designers will tell you not to do that and I beg to differ. If you have a good eye you can do it either way color first or decor first, it doesn't really matter. There is not right or wrong way but just know that it's doable either way.
The lamp is also purchased from Lowe's and I see that I should have turned the shade around so the seam isn't showing - ooops - no biggie.
Fresh flowers and floral prints to match and you have completed the look. I now have to get bedding to bring in color and texture - I'm thinking spicy orange or navy. 
I'll link up to this post as the room progress. 

May 10, 2015

We Love You Moms!!!

Pink and Mother's Day just go hand in hand. 
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies!!! 

May 8, 2015

What Color Should I Paint My Home?

Summer is here and it's time to paint your home!

Before the season kicks in and you start getting your feet wet, don't forget to get your home all ready for the summer time parties and celebrations. Start painting, staging, fixing, decorating and the most important part - enjoying!!!


I like to get all my “home stuff” done and out of the way in the Spring so this way when Summer comes, I'm ready!

There's so much to do and painting your home is such a huge job. But - when you're done boy does it feel good! Look at these kids - happy as can be and enjoying life. Wonder what was so fun at the time this picture was taken and thank you to Stockpic for such awesome photographs. Anyway, this is how it feels when the house is done, painted and ready for summer.


I just has an exterior color consultation today in Charlotte and again the client asked for colors that would be similar to the Arts and Crafts style. They are such awesome colors!

Here are the colors I chose. They are earthy, muted and are perfect for the Arts and Crafts style home. I used a combination of both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors to achieve this look.

So if you want color for your home, interior or exterior, I can help you. Over 85% of my clients are now virtual so ANYONE can get a color palette for their home if they do not have a Color Expert in their area. 

Please look at my main website which is Decorating by Donna for more information about color. 

Enjoy your summer!

May 2, 2015

COLOR QUESTIONS: Which Yellow Should I Use For My Home?

Yellow can be tricky. Too much yellow and it turns to gold. Too little and it's a blah pastel. A good yellow is really hard to find and even more difficult in deciding which room it should go in.

Calla Lily by Benjamin Moore is nice. It's strong enough to be seen yet soft enough to still capture that buttery yellow that just feels so good in a room.

Where do you put yellow? Really anywhere. The first place that comes to mind is of course a nursery because of it's universal feel of being neither male or female. 

This yellow would be a great color to start you day with in the kitchen. Have white cabinets? Of course all colors go with white but you can really capture that Southern Plantation that you've always wanted with this yellow.

Even the master bedroom can hold this color. Ground the room with dark, rich wood furniture and echo the color throughout the room in your drapery and decor. 

It's a happy color. Try it.